SCENE MEDITERRANEE is an art and editorial project inside NCB, which was created to investigate, analyze and enhance the artistic and crafts production issues that are deeply rooted in the culture of the Italian Mediterranean sea.

A contribution to give life to a new thought and to sustain a different culture, no longer prisoner of myths and stereotypes, but metaphor and place of knowledge and traditions, skills and creativity, ideas and experiments which could be defined both geographically and literally as Mediterranean. Mediterranean as a new contamination among people sharing the Mare Nostrum and together with the idea of a possible and sustainable future.

SCENE MEDITERRANEE aims to create a network of thoughts and actions, whose actors should be manufacturing, artistic labs, artisans, cultural figures, together with all the people that with their everyday efforts sustain the legacy of the Italian know-how with accuracy, competence and a typically Mediterranean passion.

A multimedia platform to finally make protagonist the smaller realities that have been guarding, for centuries, the heritage and the excellence of our productive and technical traditions.