Villa Ragosia


On a ridge overlooking Valderice coast and the ancient Bonagia trap, once owned by Naples Royal Court until 1638, a suggestive Mediterranean garden completely redesigned hosts the location of Villa Ragosia.

The rural buildings, part of a wider historical complex, have been recovered within an ambitious project aimed to recreate the site harmony by keeping signs and memories through a deep restoration of original artefacts and paths.

The introduction of punctual functional elements – such as the pool and new connecting walkways – has been thought and realized thanks to a very pure and linear architectural language, always linked through a dialectical relationship with local materials, pre-existences and original characters of the site.

The Studio, in perfect harmony with the client, has taken care of every single detail during the 3 long years of patient work: custom-made furnishings, coordination and selection of accessories and complements, lighting, outdoor, which become completed through the creation of a blade of water overlooking the sea, protected and fenced by a wonderful park of olive trees.

The realization of new dry stone walls has been carefully executed, defining its lines, thicknesses, angles and gradients according to the general garden designing logic and establishing a continuum with the green areas, perfectly incorporated with the surrounding landscape.

After an accurate static and technical restoration, the original construction volumes have been internally reconsidered in order to welcome guests into an essential atmosphere, able to emphasize the changeable aspects of the Mediterranean light.

The finishes palette has been deeply selected with the aim of creating a continuity between different interior spaces and the garden, with the specific purpose of returning an idea of comfort and naturalness: cementitious resin, lime plasters, local hand-painted ceramic coatings.

Also the custom-made furnitures take place on the walls according to architectural finishes, leaving space to chromatic and graphic matches created by unusual artworks, selected together with the owners.