Villa Pirreca


An authentic slice of Mediterranean heaven houses Villa Pirreca, based on a strip of Favignana Island which opens on Preveto cliff embracing Egadi sea.

The garden softly comes down towards the coastline, fenced with old restored dry walls, and houses a ‘50s building.

NCB has to deal with the Villa renovation and of course with the outdoor spaces. Following the owner’s requests, the action focused on functional solutions able to redesign the volumetric building qualities according to a new operational layout aimed at the hospitality. Work, avoiding to distort the original plan, geared to energetic upgrading through windows replacement and new more performing tinted lime plasters. New coatings and outdoor flooring have also been introduced, all using local stone.

The interior layout has been redefined in order to give comfort and privacy to the different areas of the house, allowing guests to enjoy both intimate rooms and public areas all accurately designed to share lovely moments.

Just a few selected materials and finishes compose a chromatic and textural palette matched in order to bring the surrounding landscape inside bedrooms, together with its the sky tones, the garden colours and also the coast profiles.

Custom-made furnitures and complements have been shared together with the ownership with the aim of finding a meeting point among design, lightness, durability and sustainability, alternating between pure lines and shapes of fixed furnishings on one side with textile and décor emphasis on the other side.