TONJOY is a new food and lounge concept, inspired by the sensorial merging of Mare Nostrum tradition with Sushi Japanese culture. During the format definition, designed by NCB – also responsible for art direction – the aim of creating an experiential place of rituality and conviviality has been immediately clear, having the goal of returning visitors a full immersion among aromas, aesthetics, enogastronomic experimentations and design. A synesthetic approach where the architectural component and the sensorial-olfactive one are perfectly mixed together.

The restaurant is placed in the downtown of Andria, historical Frederician land which includes the symbolic architecture of Castel del Monte. Spaces are settled in two levels. The ground floor has a square perimeter, bounded along the two corner street fronts by big windows which establish a nice relation between the interiors and the facing car-free avenues.Since the entrance, the distributive strategy appears evident: the guest is welcomed by an elegant bespoke open kitchen sheltered by a transparent curtain around which tables and chairs find their place; the show-cooking space is filtered from the main area thanks to a sophisticated box, constructed with a thin uprights and crosspieces system in eucalypt wood, brass and fumé glass, supported by the “L” profile of the counter. It takes just a few steps to enjoy a particular deformation effect of the space, which becomes disassembled as in an isometric axonometry, moving the focus on the two vanishing points of the antithetical walls; a front is characterized by the cocktail bar volume, while the other one is defined by a stereometric composition of full-height containers with a selection of wines, sparkling wines and champagnes. A grès-covered staircase, hardly visible at first sight, creates a relation between the ground floor and the hypogeum one, where a meeting and tasting room takes place – designed also for business conference and events, conservation and storage, staff point.

The continuous reference to shapes and details about those interiors made by ‘70s Milanese architects is really evident. NCB’s purpose was about conveying a fresh elegance sensation with forms and signs, but not renouncing to the harmony and mathematical multipliers research which  underline the deep and accurate compositive study.

In this mood, all the textural and chromatic ingredients have been carefully selected, grès coatings, glass paste mosaic, cotton velvet nuances, papier peint ad hoc; also the lighting concept has been designed with the same attention, really important aspect in order to generate the right atmosphere depending on the different seasons and days. A result able to exorcise the image of standardisation typical in the recent Italian restaurants, too often deprived of identity and well-design even in those territories rich in tradition and culture, in order to offer a experiential scenery able to warmly engage those who will get into TonJoy.