Scene Mediterranee - Lava Collection - Odyssey


Odyssey consists in a decorative tiles collection made with volcanic stone and realized together with Made a Mano atelier based in Caltagirone, a research and experimental project led by NCB as a part of Scene Mediterranee art direction.

Decoration as a story-telling became the starting point, with an clear reference to the origin of ceramic artefacts production during the Hellenist age. The tribute to Mediterranean mythological and mythopoetic tradition takes shape through a series of decorations which write down Odyssey heroes and characters with a contemporary graphic. The inspiration is not random since it recalls also the modern Mediterranean Odyssey, where, almost 3000 years later Homer’s epic, our Mare Nostrum is still the blue setting for tradings and events, sometimes alarming, which bring us to reflect about the importance of new ways of welcoming and cooperating among people.

Hand painted tiles are vitrified through a fusion process into a furnace with different temperatures depending on colours and pigments.

Ulysses, Penelope, Argos, Calypso, Circe, Aeolus, Nausicaa, Polyphemus and Sirens are the characters of this poetic collection, where different types could be used individually or to compose surfaces and coverings.