Scene Mediterranee - Lava Collection - Isole


Starting from a reinterpretation of the table ritual and especially from its typical elements, Isole Collection comes to life as a result achieve through the collaboration between Made a Mano and Scene Mediterranee, a research project conceived and directed by NCB.

The name is a manifest tribute to Sicily. The main intention has been the exploration of new modern mise en table ways, able to creatively reply to aperitifs, brunches, breakfasts frameworks and bringing the beauty on the table set in order to kindly approach food and to rethink eating as a not granted ritual which joins us and feeds us respecting nature.

Graphic signs, nearly primitive, made on volcanic material by skilful Caltagirone craftsmen, evoke a not conventional graphic code use: sequences of lines retrace the slicing action or the picking action, segment and dot suggest how to place cutlery.

A composition game where you can find elegance and imagination.