PR House


The project started from the commissioner request of introducing the residential recovery of their family villa attic built in the mid-‘30s. The house grows inside a private park preserved from the public streets, full of precious centuries-old beech and hornbeam trees.

The original robust and refined building was already restored in the late ‘80s with the aim of creating a new vertical distributive volume characterized by wide staircase which linked to the noble floor and made it independent from the ground level. NCB has focused on a synthesis between the maximum volumetric enlargement on one side and the desire of preserving the pre-existent architectural features.

The building was erected with continuing concrete foundations, concrete and masonry load-bearing walls and slabs, but it presented static weaknesses which brought to opt for precast lighter metal structure, later covered with insulated sandwich-panels realized with wood and cork and also with custom notch copper final sheets.

The roof system accommodates the pre-existing architectural composition, restoring the value of solids and voids rhythm typical of the main facades, paying attention to establish volumetric proportions in harmony with the original building visual weight. The dry construction allowed the attic energetic upgrading, as well as the time schedule decrease and the system quality control.

The new covering has been equipped with punctual dispositions for the late solar and photovoltaic panels installation in order to do not compromise the general image.

Inside its mimesis, NCB action introduces a strong relation with modernity thanks to little details and the design of copper coating traits which create a graphic code, unconventional for the Mansart traditional roofs. During the restoration, also the second floor interiors have been totally renewed according to the new additional volume, improving the internal distribution and introducing custom-made furnitures.