LC Apartment


The apartment is placed in Milan, inside the amazing historical palace of Veneranda Fabbrica, whose role since its foundation has been focused on the technical and administrative management of the Duomo complex. 

The elegant building is enhanced with a unique order of huge Corinthian columns and was realized during the 19th century, designed by Pietro Pestagalli and subsequently remodelled by some other architects such as Giuseppe Vandoni (who projected the clock on the pediment, also decorated with sculptures of Luigi Buzzi and Abbondio Sangiorgio), Adolfo Zacchi and Ignazio Gardella.

The interiors, undergoing historical-memorial bond, have been restored following a specific guideline about structural, functional and decorative reinforcement and maintenance, always respecting the original features. Electrical, mechanical and water systems have been modernised not touching the 19th century spaces setting, visible through  wide volumes, in the wood and gypsum moulding which give shapes to ceilings and in the original doors and windows, of course.

Colours and finishing have been another important point: beginning from an accurate stratigraphic examination of paintings on facing walls, it’s been defined a specific palette of colours and crayons embracing the interiors with the aim of creating a chromatic continuum with the bright outside harmony.

Toilets and kitchen have been remodelled with new shapes and materials, according with the other rooms’ geometry. Custom furnishings represent a functional punctuation among spaces and they have been designed paying attention to not overcome the importance of antique furnitures and pieces of art, main characters of the ensamble. Everything has been shared with the owner, looking for solutions which could celebrate the aristocratic, airy and hospitable inclination of  interiors. The Milanese Understatement draw-up and a little pinch of polite humour brought to the development of decor and lighting solutions, looking for a graceful elegance completed with provocative paradoxes.