Hogan Flagship


Fluid lines, spherical volumes, textural colours. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of iconic series UP designed by Gaetano Pesce for B&B ITALIA, the prestigious interiors of Hogan boutique in Montenapoleone Street house a staging set designed by NCBARCHITETTURA in occasion of Milano Design Week 2019.

An essential and sophisticated concept aimed at display research, quality and innovation which epitomizes the collections of both HOGAN and B&B ITALIA brands. A reinterpretation of the pop spirit that acted as a cultural framework for the revolutionary upholstered sculpture UP5 - inspired by female shapes - and UP6, the sphere that always matches with it. An highly topical scenography able to define, with its immediacy, a virtual and immersive architectural space.

Graphic, following the sinuous and organic traits which give shape to the chair, wants to celebrate the eternal feminine value, the free creativity and the opposite harmony. Colour becomes a material into the composition.