Green Egg


Green Egg represents NCB’s authentic and spontaneous contribution to the founding subject of Milan Expo 2015: feeding the planet, energy for life.

The realization has been shared together with Fondazione Minoprio an excellent training centre in the agri-food sector based in Fino Mornasco (Como), also institution affiliated with Lombardy Region.

Well, Green Egg is a micro pre-fabricated greenhouse  shaped as an egg, designed with the aim of approaching 4-12 years old children and raising their awareness about agricultural production and nutrition.

The structure has been realized with calendared steel and ETFE panels and its geometry allows to arrange two growing pallets, set up on different levels so as to better exploit the space. Into the logic of being totally independent, this little architecture has a rainwater and exceeding irrigation recovery system, all channelled in a storage tank; starting from this point, water can be re-spread across the cultivation thanks to an hydric recirculation system. This mechanism is fed by solar energy through a photovoltaic panel placed above the greenhouse.

Green Egg project has been technically overseen by Tecnova Serre company, who realized the prototype and could benefit and be sponsored by Como Chamber of Commerce.