By Paprika Store Concept


The ownership required to NCB a fresh and innovative concept for the format retail of Italian brand By Paprika, able to adapt both in the shopping centres context and in traditional stores.

The reference product and the specific target, fast fashion for young dynamic women focused on trends, did not minimise NCB’s project, aimed to generate a strong identity and character of spaces through a graphic minimal architectural system which could fit into different environments.

The main concept consists in a continuous wall-system realized with vertical slats characterized by a syncopated rhythm of solids and voids, able to transmit a dynamic impression of the scenery flat. Flowing lines overlap with walls, becoming stenders, shelves, functional tops in order to guarantee a structured and flexible merchandising strategy.

According to the line draw, also the Island systems and different complements (cash desk, chairs, stand-alone elements for merchandising) have been designed. The architectural box is characterized by pure and symmetric shapes, but with walls and ceiling are patched up with curvy and radials lines in order to avoid dark zones. Lighting and air conditioning systems have been conceived using parallel lines with the aim of converging perspective on fitting rooms and central totem, iconic figurative and spatial element within which a vertical monitor staging the collection items is placed.

This format includes two different chromatic versions: urban and metropole, using materials such as oak wood in warm-grey and painted-white finishes, grey-fumè or extrawhite mirrors, different paintings.