AP House


This house is placed in a growing area on the side of Origgio old town. Municipal rules clearly required the respect of typological elements such as wooden pitched roof and the use of local materials like brick, plaster, gneiss and porphyry. 

NCB’s project accommodates technical norms with the creation of a unique compact volume composed of a main brick building with symmetrical pitched roof and a lowered forepart with asymmetrical slopes which are grafted into the side facade. Being inspired by local farm buildings, the project recovers the architectural element of the porch, creating a dynamic extension of the main front related to the garden. The external appearance which looks simple actually reveal in its interiors a very ambitious plan focused on the spatial and functional enhancement with the porch.

From the main entrance, hidden in back front, you get into the master living room which has a nodal and barycentre role for the whole building; the space is composed by a double volume greatly characterized by a sculptural central chimney which invites to become familiar with the interior unusual proportions. Into this architectural scale functional relations are defined among the stairway volume, the upper balcony, the dining room and of course the distributive corridors of the ground and first floors.

The interiors layout comes from a well-thought-out planning aimed at the public areas experience celebration on one side and at the intimate spaces safeguarding on the other side, conserving bedrooms, toilets and the studio. The use of a few precious materials exalts the clear plan and the relationship with the garden. Walls are finished with slaked lime plaster and coatings are realized in flamed Piasentina stone slabs, in continuity with external porch and perimeter paths floorings.

Permanent furnitures, kitchen and bathrooms are all custom made in order to become deeply integrated with the architecture. The matchings result generates calm and warm atmospheres, constantly brightened from natural light. A rational and contextualized project which makes way for its residents.