Founded in 2006 in Milan by Riccardo Emanuele and Samuel Balasso, NCB works on different action scales, with a specific know-how in terms of valorisation, hospitality and interiors.

Dialogue, analysis and research are the designing main themes which passionately guide the teamwork, always involved in suggesting and sharing with different interlocutors innovative, authentic and sustainable solutions.

Following an identity vision typical of Milan way of working and of its great architectural mentors, NCB is deeply oriented to interdisciplinary, especially the artistic contributions and collaborations, supporting human, technical and also sociocultural components value involved into this conceptual process.

From restoration action to art direction, NCB’s creative code aims to include and combine modern visions with heritage, design thinking with strategies, experimentations with discipline; having the specific purpose of giving each project some shapes and contents whose beauty, harmony and functionality become means by which improve and enjoy every human experience – inside and outside spaces. 

Hosting Design

“The designing process has to embrace new concepts and values. Hosting thoughts and interdisciplinary visions. Into this approach, which is already been typical of the Milan modernity, NCB tries to build a balance between digital-technological innovations and tradition, between sustainability and language, beauty and functionality”